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3D visualization of molecular chocolate

Welcome to the Chamot Labs Website

Chamot Labs provides advice and consulting in the application of modern computational chemistry and molecular modeling methods to chemical research problems.  We also carry out computational chemistry projects on a contract research basis.

Chemical Consulting

Our industrial clients have included Petroleum Additives, Water Treatment, Food and Agricultural Products, Electronics, and Plastics companies, as well as Chemical companies. As consultants, we have provided training and advice in the selection of software and in the practical application and suitability of the available molecular modeling and computational chemistry methods to address specific research questions.

Chemical Research

We've also collaborated with researchers in academics (including the University of Poznan) and government labs (including Argonne National Laboratory) doing research on wood products and on the tribology of high performance materials.

So the next time a chemical question arises where computational methods might help your research. . . Keep us in mind!


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